In Memoriam: Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher

I grew up listening to my Mom and my Aunts’ fascination with Debbie Reynolds. When I was in Fifth Grade my grandparents took my cousin and me to see THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN at Radio City Music Hall for our August birthdays. When Debbie/ Molly was in danger of drowning during the titanic disaster I cried because I so much equated Miss Reynolds with my Mom and Aunts who followed her career (“How could that Eddie Fisher have left her for Elizabeth Taylor! Bad Eddie. Good Debbie! ) Debbie in MOLLY BROWN will always be a favorite of mine because of the empathy Debbie evokes in the role and the fact that the story is ultimately about the need for acceptance and belonging — a very catholic sensibility. Plus the dancing in the HE’s MY FRIEND number in the film’s Third Act Is sensational and always makes me smile. It’s a great expression of Joy and life’s energy And makes me want to dance. (follow the link. The best dancing starts in at 1 min. And 30 seconds!). I thought I might marry a woman like Debbie Reynolds one day (or was it Molly Brown I wanted?) but I ended up focusing on the bigger theme of Catholicity for my life. All the same, may Miss Reynolds and her daughter Carrie Fisher (reflection below) sing and dance with the Angels who I trust will lead them to paradise! God bless them!



PS: the above video always inspires me.  Of course, I only get to dance at weddings!

Carrie Fisher: Her memoir WISHFUL DRINKING was hysterically funny, poignant and sad as was her one-woman show that featured the same material. I saw WISHFUL DRINKING on Broadway and later almost bumped elbows with Miss Fisher in a New York Barnes and Noble Bookstore. She was a very gracious and humble lady. Her candor about her bipolar disorder and its challenges and the traps and illusions of fame offer some powerful “down to earth” insights for people of faith and “nones” alike –for those of us in the baby-boomer generation like her and the generations beyond. May the angels lead her and her Mom Debbie Reynolds to paradise.



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