A Modest Proposal:

What Society Owes its Citizens in Order to Eliminate or Greatly Reduce the Desire or Need for Abortion

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NOW IS THE TIME for MORE Conversation and Debate on the Role of Religious and Educational Institutions, Behavioral Sciences, Businesses, and Society-at-Large Regarding:

  • Advancing SOCIETY’S RESPONSIBILITY toward Families including Universal Health Care that includes Subsidies for 
    • Pre-Pregnancy, Pregnancy, and Post-partem Health Care for All Regardless of Economic and Marital Status and Sexual Orientation
    • Expanding WIC (Women, Infants and Children) programs for All Single Parents, Male and Female
    • Paid Maternity and Paternity Leave for all Parents. I suggest we follow the European Model of Six Months or MORE as bonding is an essential dynamic for raising healthy children.
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  • Universal, Professional Child Day Care for infants and children of all Working Women and Men whether he or she works inside or outside of the home.
  • Greater Public Educational Offerings in Parenting, Child Care and Child Development especially in High Schools and GED Programs.
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  • Expanding Education K through Twelve to offer
    • Age-Appropriate Classes in All Schools on HOW TO BE A HEALTHY FAMILY, including such items as
      • Healthy Expressions of Anger
      • Ways to address fears, insecurities
      • Age-appropriate forms of Affection
      • Conflict Resolution
      • Healthy Diets
      • Home Economics
      • Ethics and in Health and Sexual Education including: The Psychology of Sexual drives, thought, feelings and decision-making
      • In-depth understanding of layers of social pressures regarding sexual expression  
      • Clarity and Specificity in situations when individuals reject sexual overtures
    • Expanding After-School Programs in Visual Arts, Crafts, Music, Theatre, and Sciences, especially where local school systems cannot afford such essential needs to healthy human development
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  • Sponsoring Ongoing Local, State, and National PUBLIC FORUMS to Develop a Consensus on Universal Guidelines (NOT LEGISLATION) for Promoting Co-Responsibility for Sexual Activity and its Consequences for both Men and Women. Special attention must be given to educate men in proper attitudes toward women as equals and co-partners in mutually agreed upon relationships including clarification of all of Men’s moral / social responsibilities toward their partners before, during and after their partners become pregnant.
  • These PUBLIC FORUMS should include representatives from all faith traditions, experts in Behavioral Sciences, Sociologists, Economics and more. Our nation needs to cultivate greater awareness of the consequences of our actions, the complex needs families have, and the family’s impact on society.
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  • Compare and Contrast Various Religious, Humanist, Philosophical, and Psychological approaches regarding sexual activity in human relationships (Inviting Multi-faith and Secular Perspectives) Amplifying and/or modifying these norms for Teenagers and their parents. Teenagers need to be much better informed of the dynamics of their changing bodies and all the associated feelings and drives. Psychology reminds us the human brain does not have all of its full adult capacities until age 25! Teenagers and parents need lots more information! See https://mentalhealthdaily.com/2015/02/18/at-what-age-is-the-brain-fully-developed/
  • Commission and Popularize Psychological Studies of psychological and emotional impact on sexual activity and abstinenceInside and outside of Marriage for
    • Inside and Outside of Marriage
    • On Teenagers
    • On College Students
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  • New Dialogues with Medical Professionals and Behavioral Scientists with Religious Institutions on Sexual Behaviors and Psychology, including the mental and emotional dynamics of Access to, and use of Non-Abortive Forms of Contraception.
    • Special Attention to Conversations with Religious Institutions Opposed to All Forms of Artificial Contraception, especially those like the Roman Catholic Church and the Southern Baptist Convention, among many others,, that ask all single individuals to abstain from sexual activity until marriage. Everyone could benefit by exploring further the many spiritual, psychological, and emotional dynamics of this prescription. 
  • Public Health and Safety Service Announcements as to the Best Non-Abortive Forms of Birth Control for those whose faith and ethics permit them. Churches and Other Religious Institutions could offer their exemptions / rejections such as “The Roman Catholic Church finds these forms of artificial birth control morally objectionable.”
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Here’s a bit of SEX EDUCATION available right now from the New York Times.


2 thoughts on “A Modest Proposal:

  1. Dear Fr James, Thank you for sending. Very different from your first proposal/statement. I believe that woman will continue to feel like victims until they take some responsibility for getting pregnant when they don’t want a child. I agree with everything you have said. I’m leaving tomorrow early am. See you in August! Love and prayers, Sheila


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