My Life’s Philosophy as Told to a Child

My 9 year old Godson interviewed me last week for a school project. I humbly share it with you to remind me of what I always need to be about! God bless us, everyone!


I called my Godfather, Fr. James DiLuzio for the essay. He was in the middle of writing a Homily for mass. He put down his pencil, and said he would take a break from writing and do the interview with me. I think that was really nice of him. The interview was based on my nine questions. He said:

“I was born in Nyack, New York on August 18th. I’m a Catholic priest, and am not married. Our tradition invites us to focus on our friendship with Jesus and share that friendship with everybody. The secret to happiness in any life is to be thankful for what we have and the people in our life, and not to worry about what we don’t have. My most important decision was to become a priest and to begin my work as a Paulist Father-Missionary. God is everywhere and his spirit is in all people, and the most important thing of God’s spirit is his invitation to be patient and loving with one another. I learned that helping other people is important, but at the same time, each of us have to use the special talents God gives us so that we can please ourselves while helping others, and that’s a good balance for praising God. Jesus told us to let our light shine, and as I got older, I appreciated that teaching more. The major values that I live by are love, kindness and as much patience as I can cultivate with God’s help, and as little judgment on myself and others as possible.”

Father Jim has a great outlook on life. I learned a lot from him. You can too!


1 thought on “My Life’s Philosophy as Told to a Child

  1. Dear Fr James, Just love this! Thank you for sharing. I in turn have shared with many! What a beautiful essay on a beautiful light filled life…yours!! Our trip to visit Sr Luz was wonderful. Her two superiors went all out to welcome us. We spent a 6 out of the 7 days with them. Loved every minute. Tonight we meet up with Jeanne and Charles for dinner and then see Johnny Mathis together. Wish you were with us! I am going to New York for two weeks on Feb 7th. Fr Eric has asked me to be on the committee for fundraising for the Paulist. I am worried there is not much I can do, since I know so few Catholics outside our church. But I will try to be of help somehow. Fr Jack asked me to dinner on his birthday with Ken and Al, also at the motherhouse. I am feeling blessed and so grateful for these friendships. I continue to ride the rollercoaster of grieving. Still learning how suffering helps bring us closer to God. It seems to cultivate a yearning for a deeper experience… a more intimate relationship with Him, and, I am trying to be tender and always learning, but still have trouble with patience, judging, etc.. I wish I could possess the joy you have! Prayers for your Mission this weekend. And thank you for being you and for our friendship. God Bless You! Love, Sheila


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