Save the Children

James Michael DiLuzio

All those hostile to taking in Syrian Refugees despite extraordinarily harsh (albeit necessary) vetting procedures in place: consider, if you will, accepting more children? State Department figures show 78% of the 8,000 refugees (out of President Obama’s 10,000 agreement) are women and children already. We must not let FEAR overcome COMPASSION. Read this comparison with USA fear of the Jewish community entering our borders in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Sobering and chilling.



Becoming a Biblical Character

I was interviewed by Boston College Professor Thomas Kane (also a Paulist Father) for his Instructional Video on Preaching. My component was “Preaching as a Biblical Character,” i.e., as the writer of the Gospel of Luke. If you have some time, take a look:

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When Competition Gets You Down

Watching the Olympics? Ever get the feeling of “all that could have been?” That you never reached the “GOAL” that your talents and insights had inspired? Fear not! Life is not a game or a race or a competition. Find comfort in Psalm 103: “It is God who heals every one of your ills, who redeems your life from the grave, who crowns you with love and compassion, who fills your life with good things, renewing your youth like an eagle’s.” Let today be “enough to be good,” to enjoy being alive! Bless the Olympic champions knowing that God champions your well-being today and that the only real goal is LOVE — Love of Self, Love of God and Neighbor. Pray that insecurities do not diminish the soul for those who do not gain gold, silver or bronze, nor suffering conquer HOPE today. God bless!

PS: Note this similar theme is behind Jesus’ parable in Matthew’s Gospel (Reading for Today in the Church’s Liturgy): Matthew 20: 1-16