Time to Ask the Hard Questions

These days invite time for moral inventories and reflections, especially in our relationship to Nature. May we repeatedly ask ourselves these questions in perpetuity

1. For every decision I make, my family and co-workers make, my local, state and national governments make, ask will these decisions ensure clean air and clean water in my community and beyond?

2. Will this technology/ this invention / this policy offer healthy, sustainable environments for humans, animals and plant life?

3. How may we improve recycling in our area and in our nation?

4. What purchases can I make that support our communion with nature?

5. How may this choice eliminate or reduce my and my families’, my community’s garbage?

6. How may I support re-structuring and re-training our community’s workforce in ways that care for earth, air and water and animals and limit the negative effects of fire and carbon emissions?

7 May I reduce my consumption of meat and meat products to two times a week and eat more plant-based proteins like lentils and nuts?