“The Mystery and Beauty of God” is Immeasurable

In this weekend’s Sunday ARTS section of the NY TIMES (distributed on Saturdays in NYC), Kip Thorne, a theoretical physicist and executive producer for the upcoming film ‘Interstellar’ is cited in a conversation among the film’s three leading players. Actor Matthew McConaughey says “Everything you ask him, he goes, “Well, it’s not this or this. It’s both.” I was like, “Well, where’s the end?” He’s like: “That’s the point. There is no end. No answer you have in astrophysics should ever not lead to another question.” The same answer applies to TRUE SPIRITUALITY. We can know and experience God and yet there will always be more to know and other aspects far beyond our comprehension.  Now there’s an invitation to humility for people of all religions.


Pray for Peace among Sunni and Shiite and read Thomas Friedman NYTIMES today!

Read Thomas Friedman NY Times today: Only way to fight ISIS is to help reconcile moderate majority Sunni and Shiite in Iraq and Syria to abandon tribal hatreds. If not, fighting ISIS Sunni’s directly will align US with Shiite only and create more sympathy for ISIS among Sunni’s worldwide. Good sense!